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About Me

I am a mathematician and software engineer always looking to expand my boundaries.

I am currently a Software Engineer 3 at Peraton working on NASA JPSS Command, Control, and Communications Software sustainment.

I earned a PhD in Computional and Applied Mathematics from Southern Methodist University in May, 2023. My thesis topic was in developing novel, efficient algorithms for solving multirate initial-value problems and my advisor was Daniel Reynolds. See my published papers in the Research section below.

My interests include scientific computing, software engineering, machine learning, high-performance and distributed computing, statistical analysis, and more.

Portfolio Projects

A Chess AI With Poor Eyesight

Oh, no! The computer lost its glasses! This chess AI can only recognize the location and color of pieces on board, and was trained with a deep-learning model on a database of millions of games played by real people to be able to guess the correct board state when it makes a move. See the Github (link) or just the report (link).

Keywords: data mining, feature engineering, classification, class imbalance, deep learning, PyTorch, parameter tuning, ensemble modeling, model deployment, dashboard

Multi-Location/Multi-Product Demand Forecasting

Forecasting demand of a variety of products for branches of a chain store scattered across multiple cities. I evaluated and compared multiple model structures, informed by analysis of the data. See the Github (link) or just the report (link).

Keywords: forecasting, regression, time series, auto-regressive (AR) models, XGBoost, ensemble modeling, parameter tuning, feature selection, table joins, dashboard

Predicting Chess Game Winner During the Middlegame

Predicting the winner of a chess game after turn 20 given the board state and history of the game to that point, trained on millions of games with 25+ turns played. See the Github (link) or just the report (link).

Keywords: data mining, feature engineering, classification, logistic regression, XGBoost

Forecasting Wind Power Generation

A suite of forecasting models predicting wind-power generation from a single turbine. See the Github (link) or just the report (link).

Keywords: data cleaning, feature selection, forecasting, linear regression, SARIMA, XGBoost

Professional Experience

Software Engineer 3, Peraton

I've been a Software Engineer on the NASA JPSS Command, Control, and Communications Software Sustainment team since May, 2023.

Computing Division Intern, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

In the summer of 2022 I interned with the SUNDIALS team to optimize integrator parameters in collaboration with the GPTune optimization library team. My mentor was Cody Balos.

Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman

From May, 2018 to June, 2020, as both intern and full software engineer, I worked with two teams in an agile environment to develop software for the US Government. On one team I implemented algorithms for processing space data, and on the other I developed both front- and back-ends of a web application.

Intern, InterPublic Group

In the summer of 2017 I interned with InterPublic Group, writing user-management scripts and developing tools for their global IT Support.


Implicit-Explicit Multirate Infinitesimal Stage-Restart Methods

A flexible, efficient family of methods for numerically solving IVPs with the first adaptivity capability for any class of IMEX MRI methods. 2023.

Adaptive Time Step Control for Multirate Infinitesimal Methods

Novel time-step controllers specifically designed for multirate infinitesimal numerical IVP-solving methods leveraging techniques from Control Theory. 2023.


An Eclipse IDE plug-in to assist software engineers in managing code clones, similar segments of code within a codebase across versions of the software. 2018.


PhD, Applied and Computational Mathematics.

Southern Methodist University. May 2023. Advisor: Daniel Reynolds. Thesis topic: Adaptivity in multirate numerical IVP-solving methods.

MS, Applied Mathematics.

University of Washington. 2020.

BS, Mathematics with Computer Science Minor

University of Nebraska Omaha. 2019.